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Gargnano is situated in the "Alto Garda Bresciano" natural park and extends from the lakeshore up into the hills, where little, scarcely inhabited villages cluster on the hillside. The lakeshore villages merge with those in the hills and further up the mountain, giving the impression that the enviroment here is still completely unspoilt; ancient lemon gardens merge with olive groves, fields and woods.


Sights worth seeing:

-Old town hall (1852) (Gargnano)

-Palazzo Feltrinelli (1800) (Gargnano)

-Villa Feltrinelli, ex-residence of Mussolini (1894) (Gargnano)

-St. Francesco church with cloister (1266) (Gargnano)

-St. Martino church (1837) (Gargnano)

-St. Giacomo di Calino church (1000) (Gargnano)

-St. Tommaso church(1350) (Villa)

-Bettoni palace with adjoining Italian garden (1700) (Bogliaco)

-St. Pier d'Agrino church (1500) (Bogliaco)

-St. Valentino church (Fornico)

-Madonna della neve church (Zuino)

-St. Matteo church (Muslone)

-St. Maria church (Navazzo)

-St. Valentino hermitage (1650) (Sasso)

-St. Rocco church (Liano)

-Palazzo Bettoni (Razone)

-St. Bartolomeo church (Costa)



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