During your stay at the Agriturismo
you will meet the real owners:
the numerous animals that live here.

All of the animals are used to sharing
their home with our guests and
you get to know them the moment you arrive;
they roam freely around you.

You will undoubtably choose a favourite
and a great friendship could evolve,
or, you may even take a dislike to someone...!
Good luck!







You will be welcomed by Franca; she will practically open your car door and help you to get out! She is a typical Italian donkey; good-natured and cunning.
Her main interest in life is to feed herself and check what the guests are eating.

She loves company and children are her fond favourites.
She is jealous of the other animals and doesn't think twice about showing it!
She roams freely and has no intention of trying to "escape"; she doesn't even attempt to approach the gate as she is happy here. She knows what she wants!




Lardina and Rosetta



They established a good relationship with the other animals, but not really with the grounds here, as she uses her freedom to hide herself and thanks to her colour it becomes rather complicated to find her.

She likes to play hide-and -seek...







Affabile con i bambini.
Di carattere Buono è una pony di temperamento  vivace.

Ama più le attenzioni degli ospiti, che la compagnia degli altri animali.







Una pony docile e mansueta con la sua frangetta e una stellina bianca da cui prende il nome adora farsi accarezzare.




Animali da cortile


Gli animali da cortile la fanno da padroni in una fattoria, come in un Agriturismo che si rispetti.

Troverai le oche, i pavoni, le anatre, le galline, le colombe ed i conigli. Un piccolo patrimonio zoologico che un bambino di oggi, preso dalle mura delle città e dalle ‘meraviglie’ della tecnologia, quasi mai può vedere ed apprezzare in natura.





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